1st session
*Lasting 30 mins with a 20 minute follow up call.

* Times are approximate based on the needs of the person

Price and Payments
Initial session – £30 to include feedback session

The first session is a general clearing and balancing session. It gives me an insight into the type of energy someone has, as well as area’s where I see blockages or stagnation’s. I do not like to discuss in detail someone’s specific ailments before the first session. Therefore I will hold the first session and then provide a feedback call to explain what I have felt and give some pointers on the work that may need to be done, as well as discuss your needs and hopes. These calls are done either on the phone or via a web chat using Wire Messenger If what I say resonates with you and I have managed to pick up many of the area’s where you are having issues, we can then agree if you would like to move forwards with further sessions and set our intentions for these together so that we are working on targeted area’s. All calls or communication will be carried out in English.

What people experience in the first session can vary between, just a calmness, heat or cold, tingling sensations where the energy is flowing to. Some Feel a much stronger energetic connection where limbs may twitch or feel very heavy, but this is short lived and is not harmful in anyway.

What to expect from further sessions.

We will work together on clearing and healing the original ailments that guided you to seek healing. However, as we move forwards in the work, you will find that unexpected emotions and issues may arise that you would like to work on.

You may only want a few sessions to target one area of concern. Or you may decide to receive healing longer term. This can be particularly helpful if you have experienced trauma or situations in your life that they are finding it difficult to let go of. We do this by sending healing to past events or periods in your life that have caused difficulty or trauma, helping to clear old energies and resolve the situation so you can move forwards. For others you may want to focus on a detailed goal for example weight loss or improving sleep.

Everyone experiences healing differently. Although I am happy to provide guidance, the decision on how long you receive healing for, and what area’s you want to work on must come from you. We can work session to session stopping whenever you feel it is necessary.

Subsequent sessions
Lasting 20-30 minutes


Subsequent sessions will be £15 and last approximately 20-30 minutes – there is no call or web chat after this, however I do contact you by text/email to make sure you are OK after the session.
If you are working on a specific issue, you may want to have 1-2 sessions a week however it is entirely up to you to establish what feels right for you.

Making a Booking

Please email me directly to arrange a session, letting me know what times or dates are good for you. I will then confirm availability and ask that you make a payment to secure the booking.

Am am general available for sessions on Wednesday evenings, Friday evenings and weekends, however these are by appointment only.

Payment is made through PayPal by using the following link: paypal.me/balanceandheal Please add notes of your name and confirmation of appointment booking time. *Please note your appointment time is not confirmed until payment is received.


Once payment has been received I do not accept cancellations, I will however move your appointment to another mutually agreeable time.

Trust and Confidentiality

Choosing a healer is just as important as the actual healing in some ways. Instincts are a good way to establish if this feels right. My work involves a great level of compassion, understanding, non judgement, trust and confidentiality. This healing will allow you to work with me anonymously if you want to. I believe its important to use your real first name, but other than this, how much you share is up to you. I don’t need to know your age or location and you can always set up a specific email for this if you feel that it is safer to do so. I don’t keep written records other than of payments and appointments. Payments are through paypal and they manage the confidentiality around this. Appointments have a minimal amount of information.

In order for you to feel safe and secure in this process it is important that you talk about any concerns or boundaries you have. MOST importantly you must remember you are an infinitely powerful being, Therefore I can’t do anything energetically that you do not consent to or allow. If for any reason things don’t feel right to you, we can stop the sessions or discuss things until you feel more comfortable. I will always support you in making the right choices for you and only you really know what they are.

Finally, for some energy healing is enough to heal or reduce the issue that someone wants to work on. For others there are deep emotional, physical and energetic issues that need to be healed and for some they may benefit from also seeing a medical doctor, therapist or changing their diet to ensure all area’s of their wellness are being worked on.