Balance & Heal

intuitive distance healing

Connections between mind and body

My personal belief is that you are an energy body that has a physical element to it. I believe you body loves you and wants to be well. However when we have emotional issues (which every single one of us does!) that are not listen to or healed out body will start to show us symptoms of this.

My own experience with healing

The very first time I had reiki I didn’t really understand what it was, but thought it sounded nice. I went to a practitioner who provided face to face hands off reiki.

Side Effects

Because healing works with moving and circulating energy, there is the possibility that any heart conditions, (especially those who have AF or pacemakers), epilepsy or migraine, or mental health issues, including addictions, may cause the person receiving the energy to experience unwanted symptoms after an energy healing or reiki session.


Essentially, it is my role to step out of my own head space and clear my thoughts in order to be used as a pure vessel for healing.  My intention is to hold space for the person who is receiving healing and focus my intentions on area’s I am being guided to that are in need of balance or healing.  To offer intentions for the persons highest and best good  and to help identify some area’s we can continue to work on and send healing to and/or issues which we can release from the energy field completely. I will agree a time with you when you can relax quietly and receive the healing energy.  Often people fall asleep or can feel woozy afterwards, so I recommend having this in the evening, or on a day when you know you don’t need to do much driving or go to work immediately after.  I will let you know when I am beginning the reiki and then check on you afterwards by messenger or text.