The very first time I had reiki I didn’t really understand what it was, but thought it sounded nice.  I went to a practitioner who provided face to face hands off reiki. At the time I was highly anxious due to a personal situation and I found it difficult to get peace.  The first 20 minutes were lovely, it was like completely zoning out and floating in the clouds.  After this however I felt a bit uncomfortable and for around 5 minutes, I felt an extreme urge to jump up off the bed and stop the session.  I was too embarrassed to jump up and say stop.  I am glad I didn’t as this settled down and what I sensed was that the things that were shifting and clearing from me were very deep seated and uncomfortable, the session continued, and I felt at complete peace at the end.   Since then I have have received reiki from other practitioners as well as different forms of energy healing which have always been a lovely experience.  For me however, the real healing started when I became invested in healing myself.

I began my journey as a healer in 2017  when I took my first reiki course, using the traditional principles of Usui reiki. Working with the energy felt natural and inspired, so I went on to gain a practitioner’s qualification.  As I performed reiki for friends and family, I found that I was being intuitively guided to work on certain parts of the body, clear and balance chakra  energy points and I was also given intuitive insights into the cause of the blockages for those I worked with.  Each session is different using different techniques, including potentially working with colour, light, angels and affirmations.    

Giving myself healing meant that I was provided with deep insights into what I needed to give attention to in order to receive a deeper and lasting effect.   Often this means listening to feelings or emotions that have been pushed down for so long, to bring them up can feel terrifying, however reiki and energy healing is working with that universal life force energy that is completely pure and wise, it knows what we can all handle dealing with and will only work with you at the pace that is right for you. I have never met anyone who has had the experience what I did during Reiki or other forms of healing.  Most people experience positive feelings and for some they feel nothing at all during the session, however they do notice differences over time.  However, I feel it is important to share what I felt as it may apply to some and they need to know that this feeling is ok.