My personal belief is that you are an energy body that has a physical element to it.  I believe you body loves you and wants to be well.  However when we have emotional issues  (which every single one of us does!) that are not listen to or healed out body will start to show us symptoms of this.

What seem to have become a running theme when I have been delivering healing is that amount of emotions people carry  that are unresolved from childhood.  This doesn’t mean you were treated badly or had bad parents and can often seem insignificant to most people as they feel lucky to have had the parents and upbringing they had.  Never the less, we all live in societies with rules and expectations. When you are very young and trying to navigate the world you don’t fully understand these rules.  You just want to be you, you want to play, laugh and follow your joy.  This is stifled in all of us as children as we have routine and structure, which also definitely have an important role.  However, before we really understand the purpose of these structures and rules, we are reprimanded, we are told to stop day dreaming, to hurry up, to slow down, to be quiet, to speak up, to keep secrets, we get teased by other children so  we learn not to express how we feel as it can be risky, we are often left feeling unseen, unworthy or stifled and we turn much of this upset inwards.  This often leads to physical dis-ease 

My healing journey has lead me to see that working with the child within you who just wants to be nourished and loved unconditionally can produce massive healing results  both emotionally and physically.  Speaking your truth and having the courage to be who you are, in my experience,  is always received with positively, as most of us love meeting people who are authentic, even if they seem a bit off the wall, we admire their ability to be that way – or at least I certainly do.    For me the true purpose of energy healing is work is to help you fully realise and connect with your true soul, the light within you that wants to shine so brightly, with the hope that by the time you actually are able to be who you are, you don’t even care if people accept it because you have developed a relationship with yourself where you are truly loved by you.